March 3, 2016 @ 10:00 PM

Growing frustrated with your old methods of handling trade shows? Here are seven ways to think differently.

1. Pick your venues carefully. That means, attend the shows that are large enough to draw lots of potential customers who will buy your books.

2. Manage your expectations. Be happy to get one new customer, even though you will probably get more than one.

3. Think of the exhibitors table as another time and place where you can give that all important second or third greeting to a potential client who is already in your pipeline. You never know: this meet and greet could be the closer.

4. Use the time and place to reconnect with your current customers. Exhibiting at a trade show that your customer feels is important enough for his attendance, builds brand loyalty. Think of it as belonging to the same club.

5. Use the show as the place to bond with your partners. Partnerships are very important to your business. Stroke and tend your partnerships. Throw joint parties and market jointly. Cultivate your partners and cement the relationship with handshakes and face-to-face time.

6. Remember that the exhibitor booth provides a venue for you to strut your stuff. It's a place to show how successful you are; show everybody what you've got.

7. Be there, especially if your competition will be there. Do not let your competition grab your client's ear when you are not there.

For additional information on this topic, check out this blog by Jason M. Lemkin from August 17, 2015.