December 27, 2015 @ 5:01 PM


We know how difficult it is to make your blog bubble with excitement every week. We have six easy suggestions on how to spice up your boring niche blog.

Let's start with the understanding that a niche blog isn't always a boring blog. Someone takes an interest in your general theme or you would lack an audience. The issue is how to capture reader interest week after week and make each topic sparkle. No matter how mundane or arcane your topic appears, adding a little spice will make it more palatable.

·         Sprinkle a Few Historical Tidbits: A clever headline will drive readers to your blog article. Keeping them reading until the end is a separate issue. Try "Google-ing" little-known historical facts on any topic. Then insert one of them as a side-bar to your blog topic. You will instill a new interest in your topic's historical background. You will lure your readers to continue reading to the end. Suppose, for example, that your blog topic covers types of fonts. Pretty dry, right? Well, your tidbit might read like this: Sidebar: At first, the publishing industry named fonts after the printer who designed them. These printers were artists who created typefaces by hand. One of the most successful designers was a French printer named Claude Garamond. Today, we still use the typeface he designed in the 16th century and that bears his name.

·         Keep the tone light: If your tone is too heavy, it can make your readers feel weighted, too. You've found your unique voice; that's not what we're talking about here. Avoid sounding like your high school English teacher. Keep your tone casual and friendly. If you can add a little levity without it sounding forced, that helps, too. Caveat: Make sure your shaggy-dog story is inoffensive and on point.

·         Explore Visuals, Graphics: Readers today expect more visual gratification. Reading blogs is not like reading the classics, savoring every word and mental image. Today's readers grew up watching panoramic films in movie theatres. They don't read graphic novels; they watch them on TV or the internet. They make Do-It-Yourself YouTube videos. Twenty-somethings get business statistics from reports with pie-charts and multi-colored graphs. They read glossy annual reports with lots of colorful images. To be sure, not every blogger uses graphics. Not every blog topic is appropriate for visuals. Where you can finesse a visual to explain a point, you play to the strength of your reader.

·         Mix in Subheadings: Breaking up tedious text helps break the monotony for the eyes and for the mind. Another reason to use subheadings is that modern readers speed read. Blog reading is not anything like reading the classics. Readers today scan document headers. They search to see where the article touches on something that interests them. That's where they head to start reading. As with other stylistic changes, less is more. Do not overdo subheadings.

Every once in a while, invite guest bloggers to explore a topic tangential to your usual theme. This brings the added advantage of inviting the blogger's readers to cross over to read your blog. Another option is to ask one of your avid readers to sit in while you are on vacation. Choose someone who writes well. Choose someone who has a particular interest that would fit into your over-arching theme. Of course, you will keep advance approval of all blog content.

Our final suggestion is: have fun within your niche. You must find writing about your niche interesting or challenging. If you don't, neither will your readers. Treat your topic like a trivia contest. Challenge your readers to learn new tidbits and experience the topic in new ways. That's what capturing someone's imagination is all about anyway.