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Short Stories > Peanut and Kaybear Learn to Share

One Saturday morning, Peanut and her cousin, KayBear, sat in their tot-sized rocking chairs watching cartoons in Grandma's livingroom.  They both snacked out of paper cups filled with yogurt covered raisins.  Peanut was sneaking samples to the dogs - even though raisins are bad for them - and Grandma had told her not to do that a dozen times.  When she finished her share, she threw down the cup and tried to sneak a couple of raisins from one-year-old KayBear's cup.  "NOOOOOOO!", KayBear yelled in her most defiant voice.  "Mine!"  And she pushed her hand into Peanut's chest.

"No Push!" Peanut yelled back.  "No Push".  She stood with her hands on her hips in her sternest I'm-older-than-you-because-I'm-two stance - and probably to steady herself against KayBear's pushing.

"What's going on here, you two", Grandma said, wiping her hands on a dish towel and coming from the kitchen to referee the battle.  "Mine!", KayBear repeated slowly, defending her paper cup of raisins.  "Peanut, did you finish your raisins already?" Grandma asked.  Peanut solemnly shook her head yes.  Grandma saw the empty cup lying on the floor and then peeked at the dogs out of the corner of her eye when she saw one of them licking his lips.  "Oh, boy, Peanut.  Did you give yours to the dogs?"  Peanut saw an out there and a chance for a second cup of raisins.  "Dutchy eat!  Dutchy eat!"  she said pointing and blaming the dog who was surprised to suddenly hear his name and wondered why he was the subject of Grandma's displeasure.  "I told you raisins are not good for dogs.  No more raisins for either of you." And she turned on her heel and left the room.

Peanut turned back to KayBear, who had relaxed her hold on her cup during the discussion with Grandma.  "KayBee..." Peanut sang her name quietly and sweetly.  "KayBee, share?", she said, holding out her hand palm up.

KayBear had to think about that.  Her mother had told her she had to share things with Peanut.  She wasn't sure that included giving Peanut some of her raisins after Peanut had eaten her own cup and after she'd given some to Dutchy when Grandma had said not to but....she wasn't taking any chances.  She slowly reached into her cup and pulled out one small raisin and handed it to Peanut.  "There", she said, settling back down in the rocking chair.  "Share".  And she was certain that her mother would have smiled at her for that.



Patricia W S Douglas

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