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Short Stories > Peanut and KayBear Go Walking


The sun was like honey that day. Peanut smiled. The sun hung high above her head. Clouds crawled like snowy, white crabs across the blue sky. Bees buzzed. Flies hummed. Birds sang. Today was Peanut’s birthday. Her Mom had said she could have a party. Peanut knew it was her two-finger birthday.

Peanut had one cousin, KayBear. KayBear had stayed in Peanut’s room last night. They had giggled all night.  Peanut’s Mom was in the kitchen now. Peanut asked her Mom if KayBear was two years old, too. Peanut’s Mom said that Peanut was older than KayBear. Peanut’s Mom asked KayBear how old she was.  KayBear stuck one fat finger in front of her face. Peanut’s Mom laughed.

“Well,” Peanut’s Mom said. “You girls go play while I bake the birthday cake”. So Peanut took KayBear’s hand. Hand in hand, they walked into the back yard. Peanut had to walk slow. KayBear was learning how to walk.

Peanut stopped. She sighed. Walking slow was not much fun. Then something moved through the grass. The grass moved again near KayBear’s foot. Peanut bent down to see what it was. “Aaaggghhh!” she screamed. KayBear looked down at her foot in surprise. A little face in the grass looked up at KayBear. The face was covered in grey fur. The face had a little pink nose and two black eyes. “A mousey”, Peanut screamed again. KayBear didn’t scream. She stared at the little mouse. The little mouse stared at Peanut. The little mouse looked like it wanted to scream.

KayBear reached out her hand to pet the mouse. “No!”, screamed Peanut. “Don’t touch. Mousey bite.” Peanut’s Mom had heard her scream. “What’s wrong?”, she yelled from the kitchen window. “Peanut?”

“It’s a mousey”, Peanut screamed back. “It’s going to eat KayBear!”

Peanut’s Mom laughed. “Don’t be silly”, she said. “Look how small he is. Look how big KayBear is. I bet he’s more scared of you than you are of him”.

Peanut looked at KayBear’s foot. The mouse was gone. KayBear smiled at her cousin. She sighed and put her hand in Peanut’s hand. Hand in hand they walked back to the house.

pwsdouglas © 06/05/07


Patricia W S Douglas

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