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My Lilies of the Valley - Poetry by Lillian Schiappa

"And leaves of that shy plant,
  (Her flowers were shed) the lily of the vale.
    That loves the ground, and from the sun withholds
      Her pensive beauty, from the breeze her sweets."
      - William Wordsworth, from The Excursion, 1814


My mother loved her husband, her family, her friends, her nursery school students, cats (all animals really), lilies of the valley, and poetry.  She filled my childhood with stories and poems and music.  She thereby instilled in me a great love for the power of words.  At 86, her health problems meant she had trouble reading and no longer wrote poetry.  Still, I wanted to give her a forum to reach an audience for the first time in her life.  So I dedicate this page to Mom - and her poetry.  I hope you enjoy it.


Update:  We lost Mom in 2010 near her 87th birthday.  Rest in Peace, Mom.  We miss you everyday.   I especially miss our long talks.  Wishing you were here to guide me.

27 Mar 2012    Calico! Calico!
21 Mar 2012    Will You Ever Know?

This poem was written for and dedicated to Lillian's husband, Pat, who survives her ( My Dad!).  Dad always wanted to be a teacher but had to leave school to go to work during the Great Depression and support the family.  I agree with Mom - he is a great teacher not only for her but he helped me through many years of school  - and in life.  This one's for you Dad!

22 Apr 2009    Observing Lisa
22 Apr 2009    I Cried in the Wilderness